Revitalize Your City with a Sustainable Shop Local Program

In today’s ever-evolving economic landscape, cities and communities face the pressing challenge of revitalizing and sustaining their local economies. The ThinkNLocal Shop Local Program offers a groundbreaking solution, tailored to empower your city’s economic development team to achieve sustainable growth while fostering a vibrant community spirit.

Ready to Transform Your City?

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Thinknlocal’s giving-based marketing platform empowers your city to overcome these challenges effectively:

Your City, Our Partnership: By partnering with Thinknlocal, your city can maximize the impact of local business givebacks. We create a win-win-win scenario: businesses attract customers, schools and nonprofits receive funds, and the city prospers.

Boost Local Business

By partnering with us, your city can elevate local businesses, increasing their customer base, and boosting sales.

Support Local Schools and Nonprofits

Thinknlocal enables schools and nonprofits to effortlessly raise funds while promoting community growth.

Maximize Community Engagement

Our system fosters a thriving Shop Local movement, making every dollar spent locally to benefit the entire community.

What We Have Accomplished in Chino Valley and Growing…

Thinknlocal has already partnered with multiple cities, raising over $250,000 for local causes and generating more than $1 million in local sales. We have successfully conducted fundraisers and engaged local businesses across six cities, and we’re expanding rapidly.

Navigating the Challenges of Local Economic Growth

Cities often wrestle with the complexities of economic development. The local economy, changing consumer preferences, and the aftermath of recent crises have created a formidable challenge for local growth.

Empowering Sustainable Growth Through Local Support

Our Shop Local Program is a self-sustaining model that empowers your city’s growth. Residents’ shopping dollars support local businesses that have committed to give back to local schools and causes which creates the Cycle of Giving.

Imagine an Extra $72M in Local Spending by Unleashing Family Spending

We’re more than just a platform; we’re a community-driven movement. We’ve earned the trust of businesses, schools, and nonprofits across multiple cities. Our giving-based marketing system is unique, effective, and future-proof.

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