The importance of education is immeasurable, and it’s no secret that schools often face financial challenges. Edwin Rhodes Elementary School, a beacon of learning in the community, recently embarked on a fundraising journey using the ThinkNLocal app. With hard work, dedication, and a dash of technology, they managed to raise an impressive $1,337.29 for their school. This is the story of their success and the instrumental role ThinkNLocal played in their triumphant campaign.

Edwin Rhodes Elementary School: The Quest for Funds

Edwin Rhodes Elementary School, like many educational institutions, was in need of additional resources to enhance the learning experience for their students. The school had big plans, including improvements to classrooms, updated learning materials, and exciting extracurricular programs. However, the big question was: How to fund these dreams?

ThinkNLocal: A Game-Changer for Schools

In today’s digital age, fundraising for schools has evolved, thanks to innovative platforms like ThinkNLocal. This crowdfunding app connects local schools and educational initiatives with the power of community support.

Here’s how ThinkNLocal played a pivotal role in helping Edwin Rhodes Elementary School achieve its fundraising goals:

1. Engaging the Community

ThinkNLocal’s platform allowed Edwin Rhodes Elementary School to connect with their local community. They reached out to parents, teachers, alumni, and concerned citizens who cared about the school’s future. The app’s user-friendly interface made it easy for everyone to get involved and contribute.

2. Transparency and Accountability

One of ThinkNLocal’s strengths is its emphasis on transparency. Supporters could see exactly how their donations would be utilized, from new classroom equipment to extracurricular programs. This transparency built trust and encouraged more people to participate in the fundraiser.

3. Sharing Features

ThinkNLocal made sharing the campaign simple. Edwin Rhodes Elementary School could easily share their fundraising campaign on social media, which significantly expanded their reach and attracted more donors.

The Journey to Success

The fundraising journey for Edwin Rhodes Elementary School was filled with dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support of their community. They constantly updated their supporters about their progress, organized various fundraising events, and shared heartwarming stories about the positive impact their school had on students.

The Triumph of Success

As the fundraising campaign drew to a close, Edwin Rhodes Elementary School was elated. They had successfully raised a grand total of $1,337.29, surpassing their initial target. This remarkable achievement meant that they could proceed with their plans to improve classrooms, provide updated learning materials, and offer exciting extracurricular opportunities to their students. The school community felt immense gratitude towards the ThinkNLocal app and the countless individuals who had rallied behind their cause.


Edwin Rhodes Elementary School’s fundraising success story stands as a shining example of the power of community support and modern technology in the field of education. ThinkNLocal played a critical role in helping this school turn their dreams into reality, one generous donation at a time. This triumph serves as an inspiration to schools and educational institutions looking to create brighter futures for their students. With dedication, the right tools, and a united community, any educational dream can become a reality. Edwin Rhodes Elementary School is a testament to that truth.