Engaging in fundraising events for local schools and organizations can be a great way to give back to your community as an entrepreneur. Supporting fundamental causes within your area raises funds for those in need and bolsters your business’s reputation within the community. Let’s look at the numbers proving that hosting a restaurant fundraiser can benefit everyone involved.


Increased Exposure: Participating in a restaurant fundraiser offers an incredible opportunity to expand your business’s reach and connect with fresh faces. This is especially advantageous if the event is backed by a school or organization with a strong community following. Take advantage of the chance to put your business on the map and attract a new wave of potential customers!


Increased Sales: Did you know that doing good can also do wonders for your bottom line? A recent study found that over 70% of consumers would switch brands if they supported a good cause. Why not host a fundraiser and make a positive impact while also boosting your sales? It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Positive Brand Association: By aligning your business with a good cause, you boost your brand image and establish a powerful connection with potential customers. This ethical partnership creates an aura of positivity that stems from the belief that you’re committed to making a difference. So, why not invest in a worthy cause and set yourself apart? With this decisive move, you’ll inspire others and make a lasting impact that transcends business.


Looking for a way to support your community while enjoying delicious local eats? Say hello to Thinknlocal, the masterminds behind the ultimate shop local fundraising system. Whether you want to lend a hand to your local school or a nonprofit organization, this platform makes it effortless for small businesses to run fundraising campaigns that genuinely matter. With Thinknlocal, snap a pic of your receipt. Then, watch as your contribution activates an army of motivated spenders ready to make their mark on the community. So why not make a difference today, one meal at a time?


Think Local is the perfect partner for boosting your business! They can connect you with a passionate community of locals who love supporting their area. Not only that, but they also have strong ties to schools and organizations that are eager to collaborate with nearby businesses for fundraising initiatives. So take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference locally!


In addition to partnering with Thinknlocal, your business can get involved in restaurant fundraisers and benefits in several other ways. You can:


Host a dine-out night: Collaborate with a local educational institution or nonprofit to hold a delectable event. A percentage of the revenue generated that night will support the cause.


Donate a portion of sales: Make a difference in your community by giving back through your business. Show your support for education and all the good that local schools and organizations do by committing to donate a percentage of your sales for a set amount of time. Not only will you be helping a worthy cause, but you’ll also be strengthening your ties within the community and building goodwill. Let your customers know their patronage is making a positive impact. Inspire them to join you in supporting this vital cause. Together, we will make a real difference and create a brighter future.


Sponsor an event: Want to positively impact your community while promoting your brand? Consider sponsoring a local school or organization’s upcoming event! 


You have an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, by making a positive impact together, you’ll help your community grow.


Finding a meaningful way to give back to the community that supports your business? Why not host a fundraiser or benefit for a local school or organization? Partner with Thinknlocal or plan your event to raise money for important causes while gaining exposure to new customers and building positive associations with your brand. Take this opportunity to make a difference and connect with your community – get involved today!