Are you a fan of unique products and services? How about making a difference in your community? Instead of just supporting local businesses, why not turn your shopping into a fundraiser with ThinkNlocal? By using their platform, you can help boost the local economy and give back to your community in a whole new way. Join the movement and shop with a purpose!


Introducing ThinkNlocal, the innovative fundraising solution for small to medium-sized businesses that believe in supporting their local community. With our cutting-edge app and state-of-the-art machine learning technology, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to raise funds in partnership with schools and organizations. Our app automatically analyzes receipts, making it a seamless and easy way for local spenders to support their favorite causes. Say goodbye to complicated fundraising campaigns and hello to engaged local supporters with ThinkNlocal.


So, how can you turn shopping local into fundraisers for your community with ThinkNlocal?


Find a participating business

Embark on a journey to discover your community’s hidden gems! Uncover the local businesses with a heart for supporting their neighborhood through the ThinkNlocal program. Look out for the sticker or sign of approval on their window, or simply navigate through the user-friendly app or website to find out more. Get ready to explore and support businesses that make your neighborhood thrive!


Shop at the business and upload your receipt

With ThinkNlocal, supporting your favorite school or organization is as easy as a snap and a click. Simply shop at any participating business, take a quick photo of your receipt, and watch as the app magically calculates the amount of money that will be donated on your behalf. No complicated forms or hoops to jump through – just effortless giving that feels good for everyone involved. It’s shopping with a purpose, and it couldn’t be simpler.


Choose a school or organization to support

Joining ThinkNlocal gives you the power to make a real difference in your community. By selecting a school or non-profit organization, you can choose to invest in the future or support a cause you’re passionate about. With this simple act of signing up, you become part of a movement to create positive change where you live. Join ThinkNlocal today and start making an impact!


Watch your impact grow

Stay connected with your community and make a difference with every purchase. With participating businesses and easy receipt uploads, you can witness the actual impact of your contributions towards the school or organization of your choice. Always stay informed of how much money has been donated and make sure to see the direct influence of your support.


Helping your community has never been this easy! When you choose ThinkNlocal, you’re not only giving your support to amazing local businesses, but you’re also giving back to the community you love. By using ThinkNlocal, funds are raised to help schools and organizations provide vital programs and services that benefit each and every person in your area. So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement and make a difference today with ThinkNlocal!


Become a community hero and attract new customers with ThinkNlocal – the perfect program to give back and show your commitment to your neighborhood. This program allows businesses to showcase their dedication to the community while gaining loyal customers who appreciate businesses that have a heart for giving back to their community. Join ThinkNlocal and put your company on the map as a local hero!


Bring your community together with ThinkNlocal! By shopping at participating businesses and uploading your receipts, you can turn your purchases into fundraisers for local causes. What better way to make a difference and support your community than by enjoying the perks of shopping local? Join the movement and see the impact you can make!