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The Power of Giving-Based Marketing

Unlock the Potential of Your Local Business with ThinkNLocal's Marketing Solutions

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Supercharge Your Local Business with Our Marketing Solutions

Are you ready to take your local business to new heights, dominating the local market, and building a loyal customer base? Welcome to Thinknlocal’s Marketing Solutions – a game-changing approach to help your business thrive while giving back to your community.

The Triple-Challenge Facing Local Businesses

Why Choose Thinknlocal’s Marketing Solutions?

At Thinknlocal, we believe in the power of community, and we’ve harnessed this power to create a marketing solution that stands out from the crowd. Here’s why our marketing solutions are the perfect fit for your business:

At Thinknlocal, we don’t work with just any business – we work with those who are committed to their community and ready to dominate the local market. Our marketing solutions are powerful, and we have limited spots available. If you’re ready to supercharge your business growth while making a real impact, don’t miss this opportunity.

Our Tailored Offerings for Your Business

At Thinknlocal, we believe in the power of community, and we’ve harnessed this power to create a marketing solution that stands out from the crowd. Here’s why our marketing solutions are the perfect fit for your business:

The Synergy of Our Solutions

Our services work in harmony, creating a synergy that can propel your business to new heights. We’re committed to providing world-class services that not only offer a remarkable return on investment but also have a tangible impact on your daily operations and growth.

Community PR Sponsorship and Reputation Management

Highlight your business on community campaigns, the ThinkNLocal app, and a dedicated giving page. Be featured in social media blitzes and email campaigns, emphasizing your philanthropic efforts.

Local Market Saturation

Enhance your local online presence through hyperlocal SEO, website optimization, sales copywriting, and engaging content creation.

Social Media Omni Presence

Create & urate dynamic content, manage listings, and create graphics and videos to expand your reach across platforms.

Lead Generation and Awareness Amplifications

Deploy targeted social media ads, manage ads, design sales funnel websites, and craft irresistible offers to drive client bookings.

Retention and Ongoing Engagement

Manage 5-star reviews, deploy email drip campaigns, and strategically cross-pollinate offers to deepen client engagement.

Our limited spots for local businesses are in high demand. If you’re ready to supercharge your growth, build lasting customer relationships, and make a meaningful impact in your community, don’t miss this opportunity.

Success Stories

Learn how local businesses have leveraged Thinknlocal’s marketing solutions to increase their visibility, customer base, and revenue. Discover the potential for your business.

Get answers to common questions about Thinknlocal’s marketing solutions for local businesses. We’re here to boost your marketing efforts.

How do I become a member?2023-10-10T21:08:09+00:00

To get started, all you have to do is click on the link and provide us with some basic information about your business. You can become a member in less than 5 minutes!

How do you protect businesses from consumers uploading multiple receipts?2023-10-10T21:07:44+00:00

We utilize a combination of technology and manual reviews to identify duplicate and fraudulent receipts. We also provide you with a report at the end of each campaign that allows you to review and validate each transaction. Businesses may set a maximum “giveback” for their campaign, as well.

I’m already paying 30% or more for food delivery services, are these receipts included?2023-10-10T21:07:16+00:00

We do not accept receipts from any food delivery service. We understand you are already paying a premium for these customers. We disclose to our customers that food delivery services will not count towards fundraisers.

Will I be locked into an annual contract?2023-10-10T21:06:50+00:00

Our services are month to month however most of our customers see the biggest benefits after 3 months. If you don’t feel you are experiencing the benefits, do not hesitate to call.

How many fundraisers can I participate in at once?2023-10-10T21:06:25+00:00

There is no limit to the number of fundraisers you can participate in as long as they are within a 5-mile radius of your business. **Some exclusions apply**

Are there hidden fees?2023-10-10T21:05:58+00:00

thinknlocal has NO hidden fees. Although we do offer our businesses ancillary marketing services, such as traditional print based marketing at additional costs, your thinknlocal membership is a simple, flat fee.

Is there a minimum giveback percentage?2023-10-10T21:05:36+00:00

There is no minimum giveback, although we recommend 15-20%. Some of our businesses have contributed as much as 100% for causes with which they closely align.

Why should I pay thinknlocal when I’m already giving back to the cause?2023-10-13T20:58:22+00:00

Because we have established relationships with the local schools and organizations, the heavy lifting has already been done for you. There’s no need to spend time, money, and resources to coordinate and manage a fundraiser.

A thinknlocal fundraiser changes the narrative of a traditional fundraiser into a giving-based marketing strategy, that not only drives awareness and customers to your business but allows you to have a deeper relationship with your customers.

How will becoming a member help my business?2023-10-10T21:04:47+00:00

Our platform allows your business to build relationships within the community to help you continue to grow your business. One of our goals is to help our fundraising supporters find your business and become your new “regulars.”

What do I get with my membership?2023-10-10T21:04:17+00:00

With your membership you gain access to schools and non-profits whose membership is ready and motivated to patronize your business. You also have the opportunity to be a featured sponsor during these fundraising events and will be included in ongoing thinknlocal ads and promotions both online and offline.

What makes thinknlocal different?2023-10-13T20:59:32+00:00

We have a motivated group of local consumers. Each fundraiser has hundreds of supporters who are eager to spend money to raise money for the organization or school they are supporting.

How does the thinknlocal app work?2023-10-13T21:00:24+00:00

We use a simple, automated process to partner local organizations needing fundraising support with local businesses looking to support their community.

Shoppers have the chance to support a cause (and local business) with each shopping and/or dining trip, while businesses donate an agreed-upon portion of each receipt for the duration of a fundraising campaign. Fundraising gets tracked via uploaded receipts, goals are easily achieved and everyone gets to watch how every dollar adds up!

How are you different from Google and Yelp?2023-10-13T21:01:02+00:00

Unlike Google and Yelp, our focus is hyperlocal –that means we build partnerships and provide resources in your city. You can target customers that are your “regulars” and those that have the potential to be!

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