Chino Hills, CA: 2021 was nothing short of challenging for many communities across the country, with schools, small businesses and restaurants being impacted by a second year of restrictions and pressure from the global Covid-19 pandemic.
While the need for non-profit schools and organizations to host fundraisers for infrastructure improvements and special programs remains nearly perpetual, limitations on large gatherings, dining and recreation have made fundraising events particularly complicated for these establishments in recent times. But that didn’t stop organizations in and around Chino Hills, California from raising over $35,000 with the help of an innovative new fundraising platform called thinknlocal. What’s more – they raised the money entirely locally while allowing area small businesses to generate thousands of dollars in revenue at the same time – a serious win-win for these communities.
YAY for technology! thinknlocal makes this possible with a free smartphone app that lets users support non-profit organizations simply by doing what they do every day – shop! Users patronize participating businesses and use the thinknlocal app to select which local fundraiser they would like to support with their purchase. The business then donates a percentage of this transaction to the organization selected by the user. That’s it. No user fees or additional costs, just shopping locally and supporting great causes!

The response to thinknlocal has been very positive from non-profit organizations and small businesses alike. In discussing a resent successful fundraiser, a representative from the Chino Neighborhood House said “The thinknlocal fundraiser was a phenomenal opportunity for us. They’ve got the app, the platform, everything ready so that we did very little work and it was a great way to raise money for our non-profit.” In a 2021 year-end newsletter, CEO Craig Sunada announced that thinknlocal was able to:
  • Raise over $35,000 for local schools and organizations for things like structural improvements, school supplies and even providing a service dog for a veteran in need.
  • Generate many new customers and over $144,000 in sales for local restaurants and other small businesses.

Craig went on to say that the company has big plans for growth in 2022 including the release of an improved version of the thinknlocal app which is expected to increase fundraiser success by 15%-20%, launching a podcast dedicated to introducing and supporting local businesses and expanding the thinknlocal service into at least six more cities within the year.

All of this adds up to some big opportunities for the communities and businesses who will be partnering with thinknlocal in 2022. In a time when many small


businesses are closing while massive online retailers are making record profits,
thinknlocal has created a reciprocal system to help local residents bring their
money back into the communities where they live to the benefit of everyone
About ThinkNLocal, Inc.:
Thinknlocal is a giving-based marketing & public relations platform for small
businesses. They connect community-minded businesses with schools and
organizations that believe in supporting local businesses. They spend a lot of time
thinking about community –what it means, why it’s important, and how we can
make it stronger. They’ve figured out that strong partnerships are at the core of a
strong community, and believe that when people have the opportunity to come
together and support one another, great things can happen. They create a dynamic
where one person’s success feeds the success of the next, and together, we can
fuel a cycle of community empowerment that keeps going and going and going.
To find out more about how you can start thinknlocal visit