With ThinkNLocal, raising money for your school, nonprofit, or organization has never been more impactful. Not only are you helping yourself, but you’re also giving back to your community by working with local businesses. Spread the word about your cause while promoting the benefits of shopping locally – it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Join forces with ThinkNLocal and make a real difference today.


Get your fundraising campaign off to a great start with ThinkNLocal. Our comprehensive guide will take you from pre-campaign preparations through post-campaign analysis. Following these tips, you can exceed your goals and positively impact your community.


Before the Campaign:


Identify Your Fundraiser Champion

Success in fundraising is often closely tied to having a strong leader. If you can identify someone within your organization who possesses effective communication, delegation, and management skills, this person could be tasked with driving your fundraising efforts forward. Following the processes outlined in this guide and leveraging their unique abilities will help ensure that your event is a resounding success.


Establish Clear and Specific Intent for Fund Allocation

Before announcing your fundraiser, you should clearly outline how any funds raised will be used and be prepared to share this information as a critical element of your fundraiser promotion. In addition, the intended outcome of the fundraiser should be defined in specific, tangible terms.

Identify All Social Media Channels, Email Lists, etc. Where Promotional Info Will Be Shared

We recommend creating a checklist of all the social media channels, email lists, and other publications where information about your fundraiser will be shared. By sharing updates across multiple platforms, you maximize awareness about your fundraiser.


During the Campaign:


Announce Your Fundraiser and the ThinkNLocal App

It’s important to build excitement and momentum for your fundraiser by letting people know your story and how simple the ThinkNLocal app makes it to support your cause. Consider making an announcement across multiple platforms up to 30 days before the launch of your fundraiser.


Use Hashtags and Announce Across All Platforms

Include your designated hashtags in all promotional outreach and social media content you post to bring more attention to your cause and make it easy for others to spread the word. Encourage your supporters to help you spread the word by creating social media posts and hashtags.


Schedule Gatherings at Participating Businesses

Plan group gatherings at the participating businesses. Consider internal meetings for your organization, such as faculty appreciation dinners and meet-ups with supporters, kids, and community members.


After the Campaign:


Express Gratitude to the Participants and Business

When your fundraiser ends, it’s time to share the final results with your organization and its supporters by announcing thanks to everyone whose time, energy, and money contributed to your cause.


Share the Success of Your Fundraiser

Once your organization has used the money generated by your fundraiser, it’s time to share this success with everyone who participated, contributed, and benefited from the event. Sharing this information lets everyone feel invested and clearly understand that they’ve made a difference.


By following these tips and tricks, your organization can create a successful fundraising campaign with ThinkNLocal. Remember to establish a fundraiser champion, identify your intended fund allocation, promote your fundraiser across multiple channels, and express gratitude to your participants and the businesses that helped you achieve your goal. With these strategies in mind, you can help your organization thrive while supporting your local community.