In a world where we are often consumed by the busyness of our day-to-day life, we can forget that we have the power to positively impact our local community. What if we told you it’s easier than you think to lend a helping hand? Enter Thinknlocal, a platform built on the belief that supporting your community doesn’t have to be complicated. Through shop local and restaurant fundraisers and benefits, you can make a difference by doing something as simple as enjoying a tasty meal or shopping at your favorite local store. Join the movement to uplift and strengthen your community with Thinknlocal.


Welcome to Thinknlocal, the innovative community platform helping local businesses, schools, and organizations come together to give back! Our mission is to promote a cycle of giving that supports our vibrant local economy and the needs of our community. With Thinknlocal, businesses and organizations can easily partner up, creating exciting fundraising opportunities that are a win-win for everyone. Best of all, we’ve seen actual results in action – check out these inspiring stories of how Thinknlocal has made a real difference for real people!


In a small town in Chino Hills, California, an elementary school faced the daunting task of fundraising for a new marquee. But with the help of innovative thinkers at Thinknlocal, they partnered with a nearby restaurant to host a community event. The result? They not only surpassed their fundraising goal but also brought new customers through the restaurant doors and solidified a stronger bond between the school and the local business. It’s a shining example of the power of collaboration and creativity in action!


In a heartwarming partnership between a local organization and Thinknlocal, a community of over a hundred businesses came together to make a difference. Their mission? To raise enough funds to provide a much-needed PTSD service dog to a needy veteran. With unwavering dedication and support from the community, their campaign was a roaring success. As a result, the local organization secured the necessary funds to award the service animal to the deserving veteran, providing them comfort, protection, and a lifelong companion. Seeing the power of unity and compassion make such a tangible impact in the world is truly inspiring.


Get creative with how you support your favorite local organizations! Thinknlocal’s fundraising platform offers unique options like online shopping, with a portion of your purchase going towards the cause and exciting “shopping nights” where a percentage of sales during the event benefit the organization. So get ready to shop guilt-free and make a difference in your community!


Discover the power of keeping it local with Thinknlocal. As you savor your favorite regional cuisine or shop at small businesses, you’re also strengthening the fabric of your neighborhood. Be a part of a movement committed to supporting local entrepreneurs and enhancing the vitality of your community. Start making a difference today with Thinknlocal.