With modern life’s fast-paced nature, it’s too easy to overlook the importance of supporting our local communities. However, what if we told you that you could make a positive impact simply by indulging in retail therapy or dining out? This is where Thinknlocal comes in – empowering you to contribute to your community by participating in shop local and restaurant fundraising events. With just a tiny effort, you can do your part in making a difference close to home.


Thinknlocal is a game-changer for communities aiming to uplift each other. The platform bridges the gap between local businesses, schools, and organizations and brings them together for a great cause. By providing a simple and effective way for schools and organizations to raise funds while supporting local shops and restaurants, Thinknlocal has helped many local businesses thrive amidst challenging times. The stories of how this platform has positively impacted communities are bound to put a smile on your face as you witness the power of giving back.


A struggling elementary school in Chino Hills, California, needed to raise funds for a new marquee. With the help of Thinknlocal, they teamed up with a nearby restaurant to hold a local shop fundraiser over several weeks. The results were beyond their expectations – they surpassed their fundraising goal. In addition, they attracted new customers to the restaurant while building a stronger bond between the school and local businesses. What can happen when a community comes together to support a great cause is incredible!


Working with individuals with mental health disabilities is a critical mission. This local organization was determined to provide a PTSD service dog to a military veteran in need. But they faced a significant obstacle: they needed more funds to make it happen. So they teamed up with Thinknlocal and local businesses to launch a powerful fundraising campaign. Over 100 local companies stepped up and contributed some of their sales to support this vital cause. Thanks to their efforts, the event was a huge success. The organization raised the funds it needed to give that deserving veteran the help it needed. Ultimately, it was a powerful display of community spirit and generosity.


At Thinknlocal, fundraising just got a whole lot more creative! Take your pick from various unique options, such as shopping online and donating a portion of the sale to your organization. Or, opt for a fun-filled shopping night where a percentage of the sales during a designated time frame go towards your cause. With Thinknlocal’s innovative fundraising platform, you’ll have endless possibilities to raise money and make a difference.


You can make a real difference in your local landscape by patronizing your community’s small businesses and eateries. Thinknlocal offers an effortless way to contribute to the well-being of your community while relishing your cherished neighborhood hotspots. Step toward cultivating a more vibrant and prosperous society by joining today’s movement.